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what to do on your Bank Holiday?

Ha Ha Hassocks – 26 August – TOP-CLASS STAND UP COMEDY SUMMER SPECIAL IN HASSOCKS HA HA Hassocks Holiday Special @ Adastra Hall It’s back, and rivalling Edinburgh in timing alone we present an excellent compare, many wonderful comedians of different sizes shapes, hues and views. All new line-up’s, controversial comics, diversity quotas filled. tacky banner … Continue reading what to do on your Bank Holiday?

Fat Boys football – Invitational 2018

What a scorcher - and I'm not just talking about the football. A limited number of teams this year due to factors beyond our control - the rarely spotted England in a semi-final prospect saw a few teams drop out (deposits please chaps) and our food and drink venue pull a members only rabbit out … Continue reading Fat Boys football – Invitational 2018

what a week…

Friday football; Saturday football; Sunday pause and lunches; Monday MONTHLY QUIZ; Tuesday more football;, Wednesday yet more football, Thursday GAMES NIGHT! That's our week in a nutshell, a lot of passive entertainment BUT Monday night sees the return of the monthly quiz at the Carrot 7.15 for 8pm start (£80 plus in the jackpot fund) … Continue reading what a week…

short sharp sizzling sunday service, and other stuff

after the (relative) success of the last two weeks we've decided to let you all come and eat and imbibe for a short time on a Sunday over most of the summer months. Whether this turns out to be a good idea time will tell, but I can't think of any food stuff better at … Continue reading short sharp sizzling sunday service, and other stuff

Dear Luke and Emma….'s been a while so I thought I'd just put fingers to the keyboard and let you know what's going on. Tonight we have the monthly Quiz. Doors from 7.15pm, quiz starts at 8, but if you want to get a seat, and a food order in from our "food for a fiver menu" - … Continue reading Dear Luke and Emma….

Easter Opening

Happy Holiday's people. For those of you realising the best way for these to begin, well most days actually, is by getting someone else to cook your breakfast we offer our services for some of it at least. We're open March 30th - Good Friday 10am-2pm; and 7.15pm-10pm POP QUIZ Saturday 31 March - 8.30am-3pm; … Continue reading Easter Opening

Good Friday pop quiz

Good Friday just got great as Paul’s Pop Quiz returns, more mayhem and jolly fun in a popular pop quiz setting. If you're not jetting off to foreign climes then come and leave your cares behind, you won't get rich, but you might just enjoy yourself more than sitting at home moping about (just a … Continue reading Good Friday pop quiz

Back in Business

Thanks to those of you who noticed the site was down...apparently you have to pay your bills or they pull the plug them big corporations. But now we're back in business just in time to welcome everyone to the February instalment of Ha ha HAssocks comedy - Saturday 17 - at Adastra Hall - few … Continue reading Back in Business

Good bye jaded January, Hello fabulous February

Tricky month that there January is sometimes. Here's feeling full of fondness for a fruitful February. Winter opening hours continue through February 8am-3pm Monday - Saturday but we also have the addition of mid week suppertime New for 2018 - food for a fiver.  We start the food for a fiver supper club in earnest … Continue reading Good bye jaded January, Hello fabulous February