I feel like a duck….

ready for change

You know, all serene and untroubled on the surface, but underneath the legs are paddling like fury…

The last few weeks have seen some serious amounts of brain power used by the bits of brain I don’t normally use – the thinking bits – add to that dealing with three different bits of the council to make for a happy life.

Anyway the planning application is now in to change the use of the building. If this doesn’t go through I might be able to rustle up a cup of tea and a slice of toast but not much else, have a look at it in the mid sussex planning portal  or here (takes you to the recent planning applications -Ref. No: 12/00838/COU ) it doesn’t just have to be negative representations to the council, you can always offer support for the project if you would like

Also in progress is the licensing application,The application has to cover everything from music, film, alcohol, opening hours, dancing, quizes, you name it – WRESTLING – and it’s in there.  If you don’t let the council know you might want to have a girl with a guitar, a picture with popcorn or a chap with a chimp then you can’t do it, so it’s all in there.  Again have a look and if you want to post some positive comments please do –  http://www.midsussex.gov.uk/8137.htm  takes you to the “interested parties” page



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