Citizens SPEAK UP

There are a few days to go in adding your tuppence ha’penny to the planning and  licensing application for the purple carrot. My thanks so far to Dr Dan and Professor Steve for their vocal and written support of the project, and Hassocks parish council for their approval rating.  If you would like to do the same just follow this link to the planning application

My thanks also to those of you entering into the logo and strap line competition which also closes next week,  and my thanks to those of you who have enquired about possible employment within the purple carrot over the coming months (if you are interested let me know – ).

It is very heartening to see, feel, hear, such a large amount of positivity towards what is admittedly a pretty broad-based, some might even say ambitious, project – and that’s without the restaurant angle

So far it seems that people’s concerns are around smoking outside and noise from drinking late into the night.  I hope that a careful reading of the licensing and planning application will show that not only has full consideration been given to these issues of noise (it is one of the central tenants of upholding the licensing conditions) but that the hoped for european style cafe that the purple carrot is planned to be will actually enhance the area, not detract from it.  There are no intentions to become a late night drinking den, opening times are specifically graded towards the weekend, with the latest closing time set at 11pm on a Friday or Saturday night, and buying a drink set somewhat earlier.  Alcohol is not promoted as a predominant factor in the drinks on offer, but an addition to high quality coffee, tea, shakes and smoothies. These times are absolutes and it is extremely unlikely they will be called upon that often, as noted in the applications.

As for smoking the front and side of the shop currently seem to be the main area for local business and residents to gather for a “quick one” – the amount of dog-ends I have had to clear up from around both sides of the property in the last few weeks beggars belief. I would hope to curb this and provide a cleaner, more sociable environement than currently exists.


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