Who’d be a licensee?

Holiday – the time away when everyone else in the whole wide world contacts you and wants things immediately -so I won’t be doing that again in a hurry. Got a mobile bill today – £1200 – all to do with emailing the council from abroad!

Anyway the logo competition has now closed and will be independently judged in the next few days.  Thanks to all who entered, the ideas and thought behind all of them was an absolute pleasure to behold.  They are now displaying on the “logo” page so others can see your hard graft

Meanwhile in the alternative universe that is the local council – believe me I know, I have seen life, and I have been to the dark side for far too long –

Planning have been very helpful and are deliberating on change of use, which in a way is quite funny as there has been no idea of what has been happening at the premises for the previous 5 years!  Thank you all for your support and helpful comments, even those of you who objected at least put in considered arguments which I hope I have addressed.
The licensing application is a bit of a different matter and as renovations haven’t been completed fire and rescue have been unable to check on safety, environmental health left it until late in the day and have a few questions that need answering and a couple of people put in objections, which means I have to go to a Licensing Review panel on 8 May for a final decision by a panel of councillors…all of which added together means a delay to the planned opening on the 30th April, although I’m still hopeful of something for the May Day Bank holiday weekend which precedes the hearing

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