Opening up – Friday 18th May

Come and see what all the fuss is about as The Purple Carrot opens its doors 7-10pm on Friday 18th May. We might even manage some nibbles on the Friday evening to entice you in…

This is a work in progress so let’s face it everything might not run corporately smooth, but then again I’d get pretty bored pretty quickly if it did. You know what it’s like, the longer you wait the more prefect every aspect has to be, and I’m trying to stop being a perfectionist otherwise we still won’t be open in August

So let’s get the ball rolling, remove head from sand, stick the old neck out and strut boldly off the cliff into the unknown wilds and murky underbelly of mid sussex business.

Opening Times

Saturday 10:00 – 6:00pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10:00 – 7:00pm

Thursday, Friday 10:00 – 10:30pm

coming soon – Sunday opening 10.30 – 4pm  featuring Missie Lisa’s High Tea Cake Tapas

Food & Drink

Let’s keep it simple to start with

snacks:  bagels – jams or savory; baked cheese; biscuits, muffins and cake

big snacks and platters: locally grown salads; cheese platter; humus, olives and flat bread; soup; pasta;

Drinks: Tea; coffee; shakes and smoothies (plus BYO with corkage)


2 thoughts on “Opening up – Friday 18th May

  1. Hi Chris,
    Bloke and Bird will be there.
    If we bring out own booze how much is the corkage, is it based on the value of the wine ?

    1. Dear Bloke No corkage on open evening! afterwards probably looking at £2 / £2.50 per person rather than bottle / volume, providing glasses and chilling for the further enjoyment of the libation. Last time I went somewhere with BYO they were charging £3 per bottle and that was more than 5 years ago


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