Back from the cliffs; Coming up

So that was a lot of fun, a bit of home made coasteering and finding high rocks to jump into the sea just outside St Agnes in Cornwall – brilliant

Food – Suitably refreshed and back at “the carrot” on offer this week after last week’s moorish bacon and lentil soup we have both a carrot, corriander and courgette and a mullagatwny soup to tickle the taste buds. Quiche comes in the form of bacon, celery and pepper, and mains are veggie and a super naga super hot meat chilli.

the end of the week sees Cake Tapas number4 on Sunday 7 October. Why settle for one piece of cake when you can have three or four delicious nibbles. Take a stroll after lunch (or before even) and enjoy a sweet treat, the Sunday papers and a relaxed atmosphere to chill for a while. We’re also offering soup and pasta if you want to opt out of cooking, as well as the usual bagels, wraps and salads – (9.45 – 4.45)

Entertainment – Possibly even more exciting than this weeks specials (at least for the organiser)  is the first Quiz to be held on Saturday 20 October – colloquially known as PC @ the PC – Due to an enforced period of inactivity Mr Cooper is chomping at the bit to test your musical knowledge and is challenging all-comers to enjoy his musical tastes, answer his banal questions and top it all off by having a good time in so doing – from 7.30 for 8pm start. Individuals and teams (up to 5/6) welcome – BYO


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