and there’s more….

Photo: Quiz action at the Purple Carrot, we were robbed
robbery? no – inebriation -yes!

So Saturday saw the first of what is going to prove to be a very popular Pop quiz.  With a few little tweaks along the way I think we have to hand it to Mr Cooper that he could see a long run as the resident “pop guru geek”, and the people of Hassocks and around will just have to enjoy themselves.

Last week also saw the erection of a real business-winning idea for the next month or so – SCAFFOLDING – why the hell did I never

Photo: Another partially successful marketing strategythink of this before? Hide yourselves behind a tonne or two of metal poles, wooden planks, throw in some netting, noise, flaky paint, falling masonary and extra smelly bonding agent to mingle with the overly pungent Earl Grey and Darjeeling fumes and  you’ve got a real eye-catching, mouth-watering customer magnet – or perhaps not, more of an eye watering jaw binding experience – maybe I’ll  rethink that one.  Anyway we’re still open and hoping it doesn’t put people off coming too much.

SO back to the main business of why we’re here – providing a space for lots of different people to enjoy themselves whether it be as simple as a well-brewed takeaway coffee, a tasty cake or barnstorming bite to a full on 3 hour lazin, chatting, debating social expeience – well we just want to help provide the resource to do it

  • Friday 26 October – Philosophy Club – further attempts to unravel something or other far too complex for the purple carrot to do anything but serve coffee and food
  • Saturday 27 October – 2.30-6.30 Ye Olde Pumpkin carving – get your pumpkin ready for Halloween – pumpkins available at the pC, or bring your own, followed by pumpkin soup and prizes 6.30 – 7.30pm (also don’t miss the Pudsey stall at the market in the morning)
  • Monday 29 – Wednesday 31 October – pCarrot closed for a bit of a half term breather
  • Saturday 3 November – Zoe descends into senility as life finally begins. Private party in the pm
  • Sunday 4 November – Cake Tapas V – some (Fire)-cracking cakes (10.15-4.45) – Are your cakes good enough for strangers to eat? a chance to try out a few (OR MANY) cakes from, dare I suggest, some of the local areas best bakers – Sticky Fingers, Little Cakes, Dolcemente, some meagre offerings from the Purple Carrot itself, and a new entrant to the fray, Dreamy cakes of Burgess Hill (via Oman).  try all the cakes you missed the first time around, or revisit some old favourites
  • Friday 16 November – 8.15  basement boys –Men’s bookclub –
  • Saturday 17 November – 7.30 for 8pm – PC@tpc The second of our oversubscribed Popular pop musical Quizes – mad Mr Coot is back to bamboozle and beguile – questions from easy to teasy to specialist geeky boffin, how the hell do you know that one… Suitable for 18 to 81 year olds! Due to the level of popularity and the smallness of the venue YOU WILL NEED TO BOOK IN ADVANCE – email and make sure you get a response. We are having to limit teams to a maximum of 5 (extra member may be granted on sincere and sustained grovelling and some sort of forfeit). We are also changing the entrance fee to £2.50 per person but this includes prizes and spot prizes and extra competitions you didn’t even know you wanted to enter. hot food and drink will still be available from 6.30-7.30
  • Friday 23 November – 7.30 for 8pm the first Hassocks HASH

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