Lemon DRIZZLE bake off – Saturday 8 December

R U THE BEST DRIZZLER? – prove it!

SOOOOOO many people over the years have told me how they, their friend / granny / mother / uncle / next door neighbours cat,  do THE BEST LEMON DRIZZLE cake that I thought it was time these boasts were put to the test so it’s either put up or shut up time.

Although we already have some entrants who believe their colours are  nailed up in the winners enclosure we need more competitors to take away any claims of hollow victory.

We’ll be coming up with a suitably garish trophy and prizes for Overall winner, female, male and school child categories and would expect to turn this into an annual event – a bit like who’s got the biggest marrow

As well as competitors we also need judges, or more accurately tasters, as if I were to judge I would be naturally biased to my own cake – as it is indeed excellent from an old recipe passed down to me by my dear old mum, hidden in the back of a bible smuggled out of Darlington just after the war – so we’d like as many people as possible to pay us a visit and taste, judge and critically assess the merits of as many cakes as they can stomach – the combined results will provide the winning entries

Cakes can be dropped off at the purple carrot on Saturday morning and cake tasting is from 2pm-5pm


Cakes – £2 per entry

Tasters – £1 per tasting session


There is also a chance to get that last local trinket or unearth something fabulous at our miniature mini-market, and lets not forget that most important of additions the MIGHTY TOMBOLA 


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