It is with great sadness and regret that i have to announce the closing of The Purple Carrot coffee and bagel bar on Tuesday 29 January
fortunately we will be open again on Wednesday 30th when they have finished cutting down the trees and turned the electrics back on 🙂

– mains will be mushroom stroganoff or porky sausages in porky sauce, chipped potatoes or potato and parsnip puree with  red cabbage

– soups of parsnip and Parmesan, watercress, carrot and coriander will hopefully be complemented by a meaty broth

– chocolate brownies, dairy free seedy flapjacks, naughty tarts and a gluten free vanilla cake (with a hint of orange and loads of Lizzies homemade jam stuffed in the middle) provide the perfect accompaniment to what we consider to be the best coffee in the area, before a nice afternoon snooze on the big fat juice sofa’s down below

Coming soon – Is Sunday the right day for Shakshoka and Bloody Mary’s?


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