Food 4 u – quiz for all

This weeks specials are really special…

Beef and ale cobbler with rice and beans;

Purple Carrot Fish Chowder;

Carrot & Coriander soup;

Slow Roast pork with cracking and apple sauce – in a BAGEL!;

The Purple Carrot Cake of the week;

There will also be chances to try some of Kia’s lunch time extra special experimental bagel fillings

Entertainment News– Possibly even more tasty, but not as exciting as this weeks specials (at least for the organiser)  is the April popular pop  Quiz to be held on Saturday 20 April – yes this Saturday –

Due to a further  enforced period of inactivity Mr Cooper is chomping at the bit to test your musical knowledge and is challenging all-comers to enjoy his musical tastes, answer his banal questions and top it all off by having a good time in so doing – from 7.30 for 8pm start. Individuals and teams (up to 5/6) welcome. As we are now licensed if it is all too much tosh just have a beer and some nosh 🙂


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