Before the summer holidays…

Well at least down here in (currently) sunny Hassocks, the little darlings are still hard at it for another week before endless summer days roll on one after the other and HDK really does transition into ghost town status.

There are a couple of treats at the Purple Carrot this week, to remind us all just how lucky we are,

for the Wednesday night free film we have City of God – no twinning suggested there – 8.00pm – 10.10pm

On Friday the Pop quiz gets a new slot – is Friday better than Saturday? Do people of Hassocks come out anymore? Will the kazoo round really work? Can anyone win the 2 minute jackpot? Is anyone brave (mean!) enough to shaft not share? – 8pm (£2.50 per person)

On the food front this week it’s all about experimenting with beans and pulses – or salads (big ones) –

ever heard of a butternut squash risotto pattie? no neither had I until I made one this week – throw it together with a piquant salsa, mung bean salad and loads of different salad leaves, washed down with a cracking little spritzer or G&T  then snooze / chill out for the rest of the afternoon in our lovely cool basement letting the sounds of PuraSonica wash over you


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