Sly Ol Fox – DOGs Hollingbury Open (& Exposed) results

How cruel is sport? For one unnamed young chap eagerness caused joy to turn to disappointment as celebrations began before the final card was counted, cups were held aloft, claret jugs drunk from, backs were slapped and speeches prepared, only to be pipped at the last by young Terry Mac.
Almost as exciting as the Ashes 🙂 –
So large congratulations go to Terry for a very steady 37 points to claim the title outright and 3 point cut for the next event, commiserations to the unnamed 49 year old who also gets cut a shot.

Nearest the pin went to the defending champion Mark Banditberger – who had pretty much given up by then anyway (the 4th) and longest drive YET AGAIN went to Jugal “I can’t hit it straight until the 16th” Sharma (please remind me to put these longest drive competitions earlier in the round)
The results are attached or you can find them on Golfshake on the DOGs file
As always an enormous thank you goes to Yvonne (and I understand Martin helps a little bit) for the BBQ and hospitality afterwards – shame the wine cellar stayed intact this year must have been the absence of that couple from Mile Oak !
Next competition is in August – possibly the 17th at Hill Barn but if I can get an idea on how many can make it before I book that would be helpful – mind you judging by Saturday most of you have probably stopped reading by now so I’ll have to send another email out anyway –
If you are interested in joining up with the DOGs golf society just drop us an email

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