CLOSED – 4 a day

This week we have the fun of the much loved Hassocks and Keymer gas piping upgrade – which has kept the village talking, but not moving (mainly about parking it would seem) these past 6 months – arriving squarely at the door of the Purple Carrot meaning we will have no supply on Tuesday 13 August, so we will be closed.

However we will be open on Wednesday 14th and have the “spectacular” film Practical Magic to get you gently dabbing your eyes.

Saturday 17th  is the DOGSoc golf society prestigious Ball on a Spring event at Gatton Manor 2.30pm – there are a couple of places left at present – if interested email


Meanwhile in the food department – while we still can offer food – there is a tremendous Ratatouille or a proper tasty hot and sour mushroom soup, plus a few different cakes to dive into – Oaty apple loaf, banana bread, cherry and coconut muffins, snowy hills gf slices, and hopefully an interesting brownie or two – get them while you can….


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