new winter hours

– Winter hours now mean a 7.15am weekday start, but closed on Sunday’s for the time being-

lets face it, it gets cold wet and miserable so people don’t want to go out much in the evening  that being said do try out a few of our offerings running through to next Spring

Every Wednesday we have the free film night – film usually starts at 8.15 – check out what’s on, or suggest your own film favourite for others to enjoy

First Thursday of every month is the top-tastic  trivia quiz – 8.30pm – 10.00pm teams of 2 or 3 work well – £1 per person

Friday nights early doors to welcome in the weekend we now offer cuisine club du currie (6.30-9pm) especially for Jim and Mr Blobby but all welcome, try out a purple carrot crafted spicy experince –  fragrant dishes from around the world  one hot / spicy and one milder, usually one meat and one veggie.

1st & 2nd Friday of the month – phat funky sounds –  a truly ambient atmosphere to suck you into the weekend;

3rd Friday – popular Paul’s pointless pop quiz – the purple suited one offers up his own unique challenge to popular musical culture over the last 50 plus years (the answer is usually Las Vegas!)

4th Friday – Hassocks Hash – back to the`streets now as it gets dark and potentially treacherous up Woolstonbury Hill (big wusses)

If you want to use / hire out the venue for the evening please get in touch ( or phone 01273 841296


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