Is it the rain or is it the George Osborne effect?


This Thursday (9th January) is the trivia quiz at the purple carrot (8pm for 8.30 start).  As everything (weather, economy, politics, life) and everybody (well everyone really) is soooooo miserable  I thought I might as well theme the quiz on miserableness and general misery.  But then I thought that might be a bit tricky and just a bit too much more miserableness to add to the general misery of the moment, so it will instead be the usual mishmash of unrelated trivia and general nonsense – it might even end up being F-u-N so why not come along and have a go. and there’s a jackpot round to try and win – currently standing at over £50

Later on this month we’re really going for it so when you are at your most skint and most miserable cheer yourself up with a visit to THE POP QUIZ – Friday 24 January – not THE most MISERABLE day of the year (apparently that’s the 23rd – happy birthday Karen, Benji, Helen B etc – so we’re over the hump). Popular Paul is back in the hot-seat ready for a barrage of banter and a cacophony of cheers giving you three quizzes in one, and some hot yummy food too


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