Before the holidays – a tick list of things to do….

Tonight Thurs 27 March – join the men’s book-club and have a very tasty curry, washed down with some local beer, or quality wine

Fri 28 March  7.30pm – go crazy and join the Wi Runners (sorry “we run” – Hassocks chapter) in the last village bound Hash run before next month’s hill and dale madness – Meet at the front of the Purple Carrot for a 7.30pm start, trot around a bit (4km – 8km) and return for refreshments and further talk about the utter lunacy of running!! Food this month is Nacho platters…and also Mrs M celebrates her birthday- bubbles await!!

Saturday 29th – Sample a fine breakfast Anglaisee @ the purple carrot – 9.30-12.30 Meat feast or veggie frenzy (or both) or go cultured with a couple of beautifully poached eggs with smoked salmon or home baked ham on lightly toasted bagel

Sunday 30th – Are you ready to sample the Shakshuka? you won’t get better this side of North London. Perfect brunch material (9.30-12.30). We also offer a children’s film at 10am – Shrek the Third  this week

Wednesday 2 April – This weeks Supper club Film is chosen by Jo & Oli (party animals 🙂 ) and is the 1990’s classic Forrest Gump  7.45pm

Thursday 3 April – toP-Tastic-Thursday-triVia Quiz 8pm.  Following a highly successful Pop Quiz the Jackpot round now stands at £150 – surely it must be won soon? More importantly can anyone rip the trivia crown from 3 time winners and sumptuous cheeseboard partakers – the fearsome 5

Friday 4 – school ends for OVER two weeks – but we’ll still be here so come and visit…don’t leave me hanging 🙂

When we get to the holidays why not check out the daily film that we will be showing @thepurplecarrot – full listings coming soon but expect a varied range of classic and new


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