quick update on the end

Of October @the purple carrot

due to a continued lack of harmony between me and machines technical problems beset my every move. No sooner has the cooker been fixed (only 3 weeks to be fair) than the computer(s) refuses to play ball, phone gets left on a hill in Worcester and anything else electrical just laughs in my general direction, so now we’re back to 3 inch floppys, sonic the hedgehog and asteroid.

Anyway whingeing and whining aside what I meant to say was that this week we will be closed on Monday.
Matinee films for the wee(ish) ones will be Tuesday – Friday 10.15 for 10.30 start
Tuesday – Frozen
Wednesday – Rio 2 -( Also on Wed 2-4pm there is an additional pumpkin carving session, as we have a few left and don’t want to waste them. £5)
Thursday – Wreck -it Ralph and Friday will depend on what I can get but from a list of :- Julian and the Knights of Valour; Percy Jackson 2; Hotel Transilvania or The Cat in the Hat

For the older folks (15+) we have a double bill on Thursday as Fright Night comes early.  The Blairwitch Project kicks of proceedings at 7.15 (for 7.30) followed by a further scary creepy hide behind the cushions piece of cinema @ 9.30 – Bloody Burgers, Wormy Dogs and nuclear nachos are also on offer to complete the line-up

Friday night is fine food not fry-up’s, as we put a couple of new dishes to the test – kitchen open until 9pm for treats not tricks


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