could anything be more exciting?

This week we have two events to tell you about (well three if you count next Monday as well). The Neighbourhood Plan Consultation (housing part) (yes I know yawn yawn), The first Wine Wars of the year, and next Monday’s New Monday Quiz

FRIDAY 30th 7.30pm & Saturday 31st 10.30am  So usually you just sort of troll along, popping off to work, relaxing into your weekends, planning future holidays, so when someone tries to tell you about the Parish Council and the Mid Sussex District Council and the West Sussex County Council well it’s pretty boring really isn’t it and they’re all the same anyway – corrupt, self-serving, ineffectual, inefficient, killjoys, no idea what’s really going on – but suddenly, stealthily almost, a trickle of developers turns into a deluge and we want to know why aren’t these councils doing more to protect our “village” from the nasty private sector people?

It is at this point (hopefully) that you realise the nice comfortable bubble of existence that we enjoy here in the shadow of the South Downs National park is not something that should be taken for granted and that being a NIMBY is a right that has to be earned, and sensible reasons for sustainable growth postulated, argued and agreed. The time for moaning is over. The time for ranting is not going to happen. The time to be complacent and tacitly complicit has come to an end. IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT IS PROPOSED FOR HASSOCKS YOU, YES YOU must now come to terms with doing something about it, not leaving it to others – who wouldn’t do it right anyway –     the Neighbourhood Plan is NOT the Parish Council’s plan but the communities plan compiled, after consultation with the community (THAT’S YOU / US again) and others, by the Parish Council and other volunteers – everybody working on the plan is a volunteer and everybody is encouraged to get involved.

There are 2 consultation events, 30 & 31 January @ Downlands School, all about site assessments, which sites are suitable or not and what else should be considered or other potential sites and the size of developments. All the details are here
oh my gosh it’s really happening what can we do….

SATURDAY night – 31 January  7.45pm for 8pm start   After you have finished venting your spleen, conversely known as putting a cogent and coherent argument together the time is probably ripe to continue fixing the world and what better way to do this than explaining to all who will listen just which of the 7 wines at under £7 is the best with which delicious cheese as The Keymer and Hassocks Sports & Social Club opens its doors to the wider community for a right proper wine tasting session. Giles, from Hurstpierpoints’ excellent Southdowns Cellars will offer a masterclass in understatement whilst selling the finer points of white, red and rose, while Mystic (still basking in the glow of Stamford Bridge 4 goal hospitality) will provide purple carrot cheeseboards filled to the brim with High Wield Dairys finest. Tasting starts at 8pm , until about 9.30 and there will be prizes too. Any donations/contributions/funding to the costs you might wish to give will be passed on to local charities and WaterAid.

Finally, and technically next week, it is the Purple Carrot New Monday Quiz again a 7.45 for 8pm start. Suitable for teams of 1,2,3 or 4 (5 or 6 if you like) Now I know some of you don’t come along because you only like to go to one’s that you win at !!! (you know who you are) and others feel that they might drink too much on a school night, but with a jackpot round now standing at over £100, questions ranging from the current, past a future, the easy to the improbable, table rounds to puzzle and tease, a modern invention called decaf coffee (won’t keep you awake all night or get you drunk) and our usual nibbles, platters, cheeseboards and cake…well it’s probably worth giving it a try n’es pas?


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