B..cus..I’m Happppi

There was a customer in the coffee Bar the other day and amongst other parts of putting the world to rights they also  suggested I was negative about things.

Well how little do they know me. How can they suggest that of someone whose favoutitest EVER book is “Eeyores little book of Gloom”, the same person who has spent over 35 glorious years supporting the awesome Bradford City as a footballing penance and had the pleasure, nay privilege of working for a Local Authority dealing with the adoring public and self-important  senior officers and politicians, on and off for nearly 20 years…

What’s not to be happy about??

…and as I have now paid me subs to some holding company so I can carry on using my domain name you can once again read about my sublime happiness on this ‘ere blog

Anyway just in case anyone else gets the wrong impression of my wonderful life let me tell you what fantastic things will be occurring on or near abouts the purple carrot in the next few weeks

Friday 13th – 10.00am – Scrabble Challenge – beat the proprietor and get a free coffee / tea  

Sunday 15 Feb – DOGSoc Golf February Freezer competition – The Dyke  £27 – cafe closing early at 11.30am

Monday 16th – 7.30pm – Purple Carrot Book Symposium
This months books to check out: If on a winter’s night a traveller – Italo Calvino; Any Human Heart – William Boyd
take two books, choose one or both or not, discuss and critique then recommend the next – £5 – includes glass of wine or tea / coffee and nibbles

Friday 20th – 7.30 for 8pm – Paul’s Popular Pop Quiz  – £4 / £8.50 with food – It’s pie night too! – enjoy the end of the half term with some proper irreverent irrelevance

Monday 22nd – 7.30pm – Games night – a chance to play some cards, hit the scrabble table, Rumicub the opposition into submission, breakout the backgammon, or chance upon something new and exciting to while away a few hours in our newly decorated basement cavern…

Friday 27th – The monthly Hassocks Hash – 7.30pm prompt

Monday 2nd March 7.30pm for 8pm start –The New Monday Night Trivia Quiz

Thursday 5th March – they’re back – Wine Wars 2015 return to the purple carrot and what a starter.   Well actually not a starter at all but desserts and Pudding wines to tickle the taste buds accompanied by some rather splendid puddings and cake, and cheese. Tickets £16 in advance from the purple carrot

Friday 6 – Monday 9th Feb – limited opening hours as yours truly escapes to the continent for a couple of days –

spoiler alert – NOTHING EVER HAPPENS IN HASSOCKS – a series of events adopted and put on by the Purple Carrot just to prove the point 

SUPPER CLUB COMING SOON – munch with the bunch



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