nothing ever happens in Hassocks….

So aside from putting on a few things here and there as a wee coffee bar offering a slightly bigger more rounded experience of Hassocks life – wine tasting, quizzes, films, book symposium, food, drink, children’s pizza parties and the like – let’s face it Nothing ever happens in Hassocks apart from lots of lovely new houses being proposed to be built.

With this in mind we have decided to put on a couple of things during the year, a series of fortunate events if you will, that will take us from our comfort zone to putting on a few larger events – these may or may not get added to during the year so keep looking [@ the Nothing Ever Happens in Hassocks webpage]

An evening of Pie n Ale – Friday 10 April – We’re always trying to get involved with other local people, groups and businesses so we’re very pleased to have the excellent Humble Pie company on our doorstep to collaborate with and produce our very own purple carrot pies – you get to test out the prototypes as well as some of the Humblers classic and inventive creations. Not to be outdone we’ll also have a few local brews to quaff;

Wine Wars 2015 – we don’t spit, we swallow!! – a whole new take on wine-ing in Hassocks 😉 first of the year is Thursday 16th April;

Saturday Supper club – £20 – once a month, on a Saturday evening we’ll rove around the globe and back to come up with some interesting grub for you to savour, probably a couple of new wines or ales to taste as well, in the newly charismatic basement cavern. Saturday 18 April

Saturday 6 June – Hassocks 7 a side football tournament – the “Fat Boys Invitational” Trophy. An entertaining afternoon watching loved ones, (mainly) men who should know better collecting groin strains, bruises and watery knees in the name of “fun” and exercise, followed by a slap-up feast at the social club – this year Humble Pies provide the (filling- ho ho ) supper and a chance to watch the european champions league final.

Hassocks Open Houses – the Purple Carrot experience 28-30 June. While it is very noble and good that some of our local artists show off their wares and hope that you’ll jolly well buy them too, it is also important to encourage the talent of tomorrow so we’ll be running a competition with Downlands School for the younger ages to pull out the paintbrush, plaster the Parisen and daub and doodle – free to wander

Lets face it some people just love it…golf that is. DOGSoc Pairs @ Hassocks  – July – Grab your partner by the clubs and enter the two of youse into a pairs challenge with a difference – we’ve made it up and the rules too- juniors, women men, a mash-up all welcome £50 a pair includes food and prizes

Sit Down for Stand up – Sunday 30 August – Adastra Hall Stephen Grant compares £12- get 2 tickets and bottle of wine for £30

 September – GET LOST in Hassocks – Treasure Hunting street and Downs orientering with a cracking hot dawg completo ending


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