April is the cruelest month…

Well it is according to old misery Thomas Stern Elliot, but what did he know anyway? Then again I suppose he was quite a good poet and social commentator, and what he was really saying was something about Spring being a time of new beginnings which were not always easily come by.

What I hear you question – if you have got this far – does this have to do with the lovely purple carrot? Good question. strictly speaking nothing.

Coming at the question from a slightly different angle, still not much, but as we continue into our  fourth year we still have growing pains as we try to accommodate a very wide range of ideas and interests from the basics of food and drink to the wider areas of events and community participation.  Every so often it means we need to shift things around so we can offer something better.  so why I’m I bleating on like this? simply to tell you all the following news…

Closed today – Tuesday 7 April for stock taking and stock re-ordering

Pie n Ale evening is being pushed back to Thursday 23 April so we can get the pies made, and the people through the door

In the meantime next week we do have some very definite events taking place which are well worth the effort / expense.

Thursday 16 April – 7.45 for 8pm start – Wine Wars 2015 starts with an all White evening with some delicious offerings from four different countries and some excellent nibbles as might be found to accompany them in their natural habitat – £17

Friday 17 April – 7.30 for 8pm start – Pop Wars, or more commonly known as Popular Paul’s Pop Quiz – Quizziness all over the place with fajitas or falafel on the food menu – £8.50

Saturday 18 April – 7.30pm Saturday Supper Club – our first forray into the murky world of providing a set menu, rather than pandering to your every whim !! This month the theme has been chosen by birthday girl Phillipa. Okay she crashed and burned at the Trivia quiz but eyes lit up at the mention of a green curry so this month it is FAR EAST FUSION – £20

Sunday 19 April – 11.30am Golf at Eastbourne Downs – The DOGs (decidedly ordinary golfers society) is a rag-tag loose mix of people and abilities who play once a month around the south east. Costs are kept to £27 a time to hopefully allow access to everyone who needs a game. New people are always welcome. This month incorporates bacon butty and coffee, round of golf and some prizes, plus a truly awesome trophy for the winner

Monday 20 April – 7.30pm Books, Films and Cake Symposium – the purple carrots take on what a  book club could be. Feed the mind soul and body. Feel free to turn up and chat, discuss whether you should read the books (this month The Art of War , Strangers on a train, I conquer the castle) go leftfield into films with no connection whatsoever, eat or bring cake to munch, swill it down with a glass of wine / cup of tea / bottle of Ale – job’s a good ‘un – £5

Also we are looking for people who might like to put in the odd shift or three at the purple carrot over the coming months and years. There are no set shift patterns, some evenings, early mornings, weekend work likely to be in the mix – although there’s definitely not enough work to call it anything more than casual – ,the wages are rubbish, the proprietor is always grumpy, you’ll be expected to make the best cup of coffee with terrible training, it’s mostly cleaning really, kudos levels will be set back several years, you have to be nice to the clientelle.  Would suit people who are glutton’s for punishment, can look after things when necessary, have no life – so they can drop everything at a minutes notice – like working in different environments at strange times, have a high tolerance threshold, can cook / bake a bit too. Have I described you? If so do get in touch….



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