Whine, Whine, WINE

Just been trolling through – actually u can’t say that anymore can you – I mean slowly reading through some of the local facebook group pages and it all seems rather sad. Small issues become complex problems and people do like to jump off the deep end into Offended City. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind people that they can have a proper wine – or 8 even – at the Purple Carrot Wine Wars on Friday night – 7.45 for 8pm start. I thought I better remind you as it seems most people have forgotten it’s on, and it is indeed ON.

This month we have entitled the event  “Are you “red”dy for the weekend? ” and we have done this because we are trying out just red wines – and that makes it very punny

New countries start their involvement in this years wine wars. Reds from South america (Brazil & Argentina), South Africa, Portugal and the return of the Austro-Hungarian empire kick off with 2 reds from each area. (Next month June 4th… two whites from each).   Simple really. Southdowns Cellars provide more wines of distinction – Oh and Giles says that if we don’t get a good turnout he’s going to spit his dummy and return to tennis coaching…his fate is in your hands.

This also means that I’ll be trying to come up with a few “authentic” recipes from the countries concerned to compliment the wines – no hot melon this month I’m afraid :0{ – and we’ll also have a favourite bottle of wine to be given away in the prize draw

You know where we are, so get yourselves over – I’m fed up of talking to the mint and basil


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