Wine Wars continues… Cutlack cuts the mustard

2015 has got off to a slow start but after an excellent prelim 2nd round (Giles’ honeyed tones once more hung over the tasting rooms of the purple carrot like a bee eating through cheese) judging the Whites of Argentina/Brazil, Hungary, South Africa and Portugal we have a clear winner to don their battle armour and join the main event.

This year we are approaching things slightly differently.  Each evening will be devoted to a particular country and wines from different regions within that country, a showcase of their wares. There will once again be titbits of food to nibble on during the evening with some “close” approximation to what you might hope to find should you visit the country in question. We’re still scoring the wines as we like an element of friendly completion and a leader-board will be produced to see who will face Australia (2014 champions) in the grand final on 11 December.

Dates are as follows and pre-booking is always advisable as places are limited – £15 in advance, £17.50 on the night.  All evenings are 7.45 with an 8pm start

Friday 3rd July = Spain
Thursday 6th August = Chile
Thursday 17th September = France
Friday 2nd October = New Zealand
Thursday 12th November = Italy
Friday 11th December = Australia v Highest Scoring Country from rounds

oh the clear winner – Portugal, who we will fit in somewhere after Italy in November


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