…and so, as the Purple CARROT (and it’s proprietor) lumber slowly back into life, smoothly changing through the gears to reach full throttle by Friday evening – The HASSOCKS HASH is of course being run (7.30pm) being the fourth Friday of the month, do give it a go if you are around – our thoughts also turn to this bank holiday weekend and the fast approaching COMEDY EVENING – HA HA Hassocks – being held at the Adastra Hall – SUNDAY evening from 7pm,(not heard about it? where have you been? Not going? why not? three headline comedy acts, plus really really local comedic genius Steven Grant, a bar, and food from the mecurial hand of Matteo (meze platters or sizzling sausage).
We ask the question “Is it true? Does nothing ever happen in Hassocks?
A multitude of social media opinions opine on what the good citizens of Hassocks should be enjoying in their immediacy – this service / that type of shop / more school places, doctors, traffic calming, facilities across the spectrum / restaurants, banks, more hairdressers, less coffee shops the list is endless the consensus split, but I think that if we can’t fill a village hall on a bank holiday weekend in summer with little else going on in the area, with the type of event that many have asked, nay dreamed jealously of staging as our near neighbours Ditchling and Hurstpierpoint fill out their evenings wallowing in our hard earned Hassocks cash, well then we should just shut up and go back to the good old days of nowt happening round ‘ere

…There will be a few tickets left for sale on the door (£16 on the night) in case you have a last minute change of plan. Doors open 7pm, first comedian 8pm…hope to see you therethere


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