France come close…

…but Chile still rule the roost in the latest edition of Hassocks Wine Wars 2015.

With something to prove from last years drubbing our man in the know Giles ” terroir” Cutlack brought both map of France his best most lively vino’s from around the regions to the Carrot for a proper going over by 21 eager tasters. Late into the night heavy discussion raged and decision making was taken, agonies were wrung until finally the food was served…and everyone could enjoy the red’s that little bit more. Where did all that cheese go?

Best wine of the night was a cheeky little number from Limoux by Calmel & Joseph, which tried to take out our bubbly sommelier , the cork prematurely fizzing past his nose on the first glass of the evening – all the wines and our tasters ratings, plus up-coming events are listed on the Wine Wars pages of the Purple Carrot, or possibly on facebook too.

Next up is Friday 2 October, and i think we’re going for an Italian evening but already there are only limited places available so don’t delay, book yours today, or leave it until November when we have two!! (12th and 26th – both on a Thursday)


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