£150 jackpot begging to be won

We’ve been busy but there’s more to come. As me old mucker Karen used to warble “we’ve only just begun…”

After an excellent end to August with our first Ha Ha Hassocks comedy foray, September brought us a none too tricky trivia quiz (I’m sure I can rectify that oversight), Frances unsuccessful tilt at Wine Wars stardom; Cornish Waves to be surfed [sic]; the return of Popular Paul and his Pop Quiz Experience; a fine DOGs golf outing to Gatton Manor – won again by the Horsham based cowboy – some awesomely good  gluten free cakes supplied for the opening of the new school wing at Windmills; a first half marathon with excellent time over some large hills by our Kazza and at the start of October a near miss for Italy going close to toppling Chile at the top of the leader board in this years Wine Wars – probably the excellent meatballs that took them so close.

So to the rest of October and into November. Well as I type this outside is wet and miserable and perhaps a sign that Autumn is really settling in…so get out of that funk and hit tonight’s New Trivia quiz… now with added PIES – doors from 7.30pm , quiz starts at  8. But more than the draw of pies – which are very good – there are also HaHa Hassocks tickets to be won, and the small matter of a jackpot round once again past the realms of  small change.

Talking of the Hassocks comedy we’re moving it to the new venue of The Function Rooms at the Hassocks Hotel, which means the capacity is more limited and the tickets more scarce.  There are still some left at the moment but don’t be too surprised when you make a last minute decision to just rock up and are left disappointed and outside. we are talking quality circuit comedians here for both the 16th October and the 20th November gigs. The Hassocks Comedy pages on facebook have fuller information on the events, and the comedians

On Friday 30 October Paul returns for another tilt at immortality with a spooky creepy scarily good Pop Quiz – and if you’ve a mind to you can now follow his inane ramblings on twitter as well .

Marcus has chosen Sunday 8 November for the season finale in the golf “Dread at the Head” in Seaford – if you want in email societydogs@gmail.com or check out the DOGSoc pages at golfshake.com


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