Let’s all kick the cat!!

….actually let’s not! – but more on that later

On Friday the purple carrot quiz jackpot of £170 was won by answering these three questions correctly.  What year was Phil Collins born? Which year was Dawn – Tie a yellow ribbon – the biggest selling single? and when did the Arctic Monkeys  first taste chart success? – all different years by the way.  This obviously is great news to all but those coming to the Trivia quiz this evening only to find a new Jackpot of around £20 there for the taking.  The quiz itself was also greatly enjoyed by over 30 people crammed into both the up and down of the Carrot, and Paul left his popular Pop quiz with a very happy glow – so we’ll do that again, possibly before Christmas, but if not just into the new year.

That topped off an excellent October for entertainment but November promises to have even more starting tonight with the NEW MONTHLY TRIVIA QUIZ.  Doors open 7.15, quiz starts at 8pm. It looks like we might have been let down by our pie man but there is an excellent Bolognese (if you’re interested William!) and a veggie sweet potato and bean chilli if you’re feeling peckish.

Tuesday 3rd sees us host what could prove to be the first of many knitting club meetings – 6.30pm-8pm every fortnight – for more details contact   Katie Colman Belton on Facebook, or just turn up !

The Dogs golf society has it’s annual pilgrimage to the wilds of Seaford Head on Sunday 8th November – first tee at 10.15am – and it’s good to see a few new local faces getting involved and enjoying the craic.  You don’t have to be any good, just enjoy getting out and swinging a club. email DOGsoc (societydogs@gmail.com) if you want to know more or are interested in playing

Into the second week in November and we really start to ramp it up – last years beaten semi-finalists New Zealand put in a late bid to make the final of this years Wine Wars on Thursday 12 November – there are a couple of spaces left – SALLY? and on Thursday 26 November Portugal bring the noise to complete the qualifying rounds. (final is on 11 December )

The 3rd week it starts to get a bit hectic, knitting is on again on the Tuesday, the Brownies hit the hot chocolate and fancy popcorn sugar rush for their film night on Wednesday, Thursday night sees Dan Dan the cycling-man bring his book club boys out for a scholarly session and Friday daytime is the first morning meeting of the “Mum-prenurers” Network in Hassocks. more details on this less testosterone filled version of a local business network can be found by contacting Karen Lee, or turning up at 10am.  On the Friday 20th evening we have the 3rd installment of Ha HA HAssocks with what Mrs Grant has described as ” a stellar line-up” about which she is “very excited“, and it would seem so are you all as again there are already very few tickets left, so we’re 90% certain to be holding a December version, but probably with a few seasonal twists, on SATURDAY 19 December)

The fourth week in November is nice and quiet, apart from the aforementioned Portuguese wine wars on Thursday 26th, The Hassocks Hash social run on Friday 27th, and a little something called “Light Up Hassocks” – which basically closes the village down for a few hours, and your children demand you buy as much local tat as possible :@) . On the Saturday London Medics descend on the Downlands football pitches to take on the Hassocks Quixote chaps in a late lunchtime kick-off. – Food and Ale at the Carrot afterwards

So back to the felines. Now anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I really am no great lover of the allergy laden little bundles of fur, and neither do I have any great affinity to or with the latest addition to Hassocks burgeoning “day-life” that is known affectionately in our household as “the amnesiac pussy”, but PEOPLE, you’ve got to give them a fair crack of the whip before the ritual slaughter that befalls anything not 50 plus years “of the village” or purporting to be a nice little Italian restaurant.

It is so easy to get things a tiny bit wrong / mistake something bad for something good / try a bit too hard / use the wrong rice in a risotto (Sorry Snail 😦 ) and bang there goes 100 pieces of good work and service in one unfortunate incident and you’re back behind where you started. Like I said I’m no big advocate of my competition (I’ve been in once, it was fine – the loose ginseng and lime tea was particularly good –  my companions were less enamoured) but they are a small business trying to do the right thing and find out where they are going wrong to, hopefully, put it right.  Forfars didn’t do much wrong but they still ended up closing, Barclays has gone, greed had Corals waving bye-bye to a 50% rent hike, Rest is closed up and the number of empties will continue to rise along with the villages’ unrealistic expectations of who or what should occupy the still warm shell.

I don’t have answers for the Cat, but for once in my life I won’t be trying to kick it,, stuff it in a bag, or swing it by the tail.

Actually I’m way too busy for such shenanigans, and the answers to those quiz questions – should you still be plowing through this verbiage – oor Phil were born 1951, Dawn ripped up the charts in 1973 and The Monkeys of Manchester bounded into our collective consciousness and the ballrooms of Britain in 2005 with “I bet that you look good on the dancefloor”


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