It’s a 5…again

You know that feeling you get when talking to the Police, or explaining your health to your Doctor,  – nervous, guilty but without reason, over explaining things, inappropriate jokes – that sort of thing?  Well this week we had an unannounced visit from our lovely local environmental health officer to check we’re doing what we should be doing whilst feeding and watering your good selves, and I managed to go through all the above in the next torturous 50 or 60 minutes just wishing I could stop talking (not easy when you’re on a tidal wave of verbosity)

So anyway we scraped a 5 again – which is excellent news from our point of view, especially as we are now trying out a few more regular dishes that just happen to be a bit more experimental in content, a chicken and cabbage stir-fry with udon noodles; a vegan feijoada (black bean and chipotle); sticky chocolate brownie (coconut flour and sweet potato); toasted banana loaf with maple syrup…just a few lunchtime treats now once again fully certified by Mid Sussex’es finest

In other matters coming up we have Ha Ha Hassocks Friday 18 March – bit sold out that one -, March Madness golf at Rookwood Sunday 20th (£27 inc lunch) – get in touch very quickly if you want to be involved in that. Next week is the Good Friday Bouncing Bunny Hassocks Hash – 7.30pm start from the Purple Carrot.  Easter Tuesday is the next Knit & Natter group (7pm – any knitters, crocheters or even just natterers welcome).

Into April we have a busy couple of weeks – Trivia quiz on Mon 4 April (jackpot at about £140), Wine Wars enters a new phase with BUBBLES tasting (plus cheese championships and chocolate Thursday 7th – £20) Pauls Popular Pop Quiz is next up on Friday 8 April – with a guest appearance from “The Paul” himself! April showers Golf day at Eastbourne Downs is on Sunday 10th April and Friday 15 April is the next edition of Ha HA Hassocks Stand-Up at the Hassocks ( MC Stephen Grant introducing Paul Myrehaug,  Amy Howerska,  David Jordan,  Kerry Godliman).  The week gets rounded off with a first venture over the Downs for the B&H comedy institution that is “The Treason Show” being held at Adastra Hall on Sat 16 April – satire and wit meet an expectant Mid Sussex audience for the first time – definitely something to try out at least once in a lifetime




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