Now we are 4…the 20%-ers

Apparently only 20% of start-up businesses survive past 4 years. So either we’re clinging desperately at not having to re-enter 9-5 conformity or doing something right.

Anyway we thought we would combine 4 years of larging it up with our 42nd hosting of the Hassocks Hash run – one of our most frequent and utilised events/social occasions, and while we’re at it get a couple of other peeps to drop by with nibbles and wine to try out too. This will take place from 7pm – 10pm at the Purple Carrot on Friday. After which we will close up for a few days to recover and reconvene the following Thursday 2 June (in time for luncheon).

Friday  – 28 May – Hassocks Hash – back out on the open Downs Welcome to the forty-second consecutive Social Run. Put aside your petty tribal running differences and enjoy a jolly good yomp along the sides of the south Downs. Then re-liquidify yourselves with some of the Purple Carrot’s finest, and enjoy a bit-o-banter, plan your next 5km, marathon, mudbath, pub visit? It is a free event and EVERYONE is welcome to come and run / jog / sprint!! the Hash.


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