Still Closed

Sorry but the Purple Carrot will remain closed until Thursday 25 August, due to Chris’s ongoing battle with a venomous all consuming illness (cold) that has struck him to his very core. It is probably better that he does not continuously sneeze into food, or loudly AttcchoooOOO!! whilst taking coffee orders. This continued absence may cause upset to some but saving people from the distressing fate of encountering red rimmed itchy eyes and overly soar nose ends on arrival at said cafe is of paramount importance to your stricken host.

Also we want to be ready for a fun weekend with the Summer Hassocks Hash (social run with chatter, drink and nibbles afterwards) on Friday evening (7.30 prompt start). DOGS golf @ Mid Sussex Golf Club on Saturday afternoon (3pm start) and of course the Bank Holiday summer special Ha HA HAssocks Stand-Up on Sunday @ Adastra Hall (a few tickets left) with good quality tasty BBQ option (chilli-burgers awesome, veggie options too) available at the Keymer & Hassocks Social club in Adastra Park and Gin & Fizz prinks from 6.00pm, the stage opens at 8pm


One thought on “Still Closed

  1. Chris, hope you are on the mend soon , but you’ve not missed much – better to re-charge and recover for the term ahead. Totally no point trading this week – it’s just tumbleweed out there. Yup, even the blummin dentist is closed.

    Hey, Forster-how much Rockafella said you’ve been fly tipped with weed infested soil by some local dodgy gardener character ! Can i pop round and nuke it with the hard core weedkiller ? jon


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