It’s today

So finally the bank holiday Sunday summer special Ha Ha Hassocks longest title for an event so far this year, has arrived.

If you are wanting food there is a BBQ being run by the sports and social club, starting about 4pm – 50 yards away from Adastra Hall in Adastra Park – which comedy attendees are very welcome to gorge on.  The veggie option will be arriving at about 5.30pm.  This will continue until about 7.30pm, or until the food runs out, whichever is earlier. There will be a prinks option featuring Gin and Bubbles available at Adastra Hall from 6.30pm  when the doors officially open. The bar will also feature local bottled beers and ales from Bedlam, Hurst and Darkstar breweries, and wines from Southdowns cellars – including a limited amount of Plumpton’s excellent white. Soft drinks and crisps (maybe some chocolate) will also be available.

The comedy starts in earnest at 8pm and will continue on until roughly 10pm with a couple of intervals in between to get your breath back, refuel and prepare for the next installment, and the bar will run until 10.30pm.

Our line-up is now confirmed as Sean, Dana and Ian Stone “Seriously funny” The Guardian
“…like a cross between Tony Hancock and Frankie Howerd. Stone is probably better than we deserve. Ultimately, it is the sheer quantity of funny material that really impresses” The List.   

Image result for ian stone
ian stone – one heck of a headliner!

I hope you are all looking forward to it as much as me and the chaps, oh and the sun is due to shine from roughly 5.45 – 7.45 to enjoy the early evening ambiance of the park, and then dash inside for some serious Ha Ha


One thought on “It’s today

  1. whats with the Senor Mystic handle btw ? often wondered ! jon

    ps Phil and Susan Mc Guiness are having 2 of Rob Dollery’s 4 tickets as Robs boys have bailed out for a other / better offers. Obvs, these kids have zero notion of ticket costs or the need for family to work as a 2 way street ! jon


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