Today see’s the running (literally) of the 50th Hassocks Hash, a social run for people of all abilities and motivations to come together, head out onto the roads, Downs in the Summer months, get a bit of a sweat on,  perhaps down a milkshake, beer, glass of wine and have a chat with whoever about whatever, then go on their merry way nicely set up for the weekend and further.

I mention this not because of any great passion I have with running (I do not), or drinking, or the fact that it has started and finished at the Purple Carrot from day one (coincidental) but that for 50 consecutive months a mass of different people from the local area have got together sun, wind, rain, hail, snow, all five elements together! any number of people (from 9 to about 42 I seem to recall) of any age (under 10 to well into their 60’s – possibly older!) have kept this free, and open to all, run going into a 5th year  and I take my hat off to you all.

Tonight starts at 7.30pm prompt from The Purple Carrot – it might be cold, but you’ll get a warm welcome…


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