Whatever Next…

So it works – who knew? Comedy followed by a damned fine band = cracking evening had by all.

HA HA HASSOCKS – With many thanks to all those who gave their time to create such a lovely atmosphere Athena who stepped in to compare at the last minute, as our boggle eyed original Rob headed off into a Northern sunset. President Obonjo did not disappoint (and I for one will be looking around the village eagerly for any interesting new arrivals in 9 or so months) . It’s also rather refreshing to hear how artisans view our village from afar, and Darius Davies take on mobile mechanics and street names… Congratulations to Richard on having the most interesting job, and also to Darius for the first time I have ever seen our local US resident lost for words. Following the comics came a fine hour and a half from Hassocks’ own “The Maine Event” who rocked, filling the rest of the night with timeless classics, guitar riffs, keyboard trickery and thumping drums – not quite turn it up to 11 but could we have handled that much?

To cap it all off we/you managed to raise £1001 which is going to The Alzheimers Society – who are thrilled about it too – 

The next Ha Ha Hassocks isn’t until Sunday 27 August – The big Summer Birthday bash at Adastra Hall – but I’m sure there’ll be plenty more to keep you entertained in the meantime



One thought on “Whatever Next…

  1. Yea, well done Chris, thanks for doing this stuff. Looking forward to the next one.

    I shall ask Rob Dollery and family again for the august gig. jon


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