and in 5 years time…

Its the Purple Carrot 5 years of fun drudgery anniversary tomorrow (Thursday).

So we’re having a little drop-in party / celebration between 7 and 10pm. A stay as long as you like, come when you can drop-in, more than a stop in. We will be specifically featuring high quality local Bubbles (Giles doing his Southdowns Cellars thing, providing not only high class vino, but wit, verve and a certain I know not what). and a couple of purple carrot titbits to tingle the taste buds. Cost is £10, to help pay the lovely staff who will attend to your every whim and the bubbles – who knew local wine was SOOOOO expensive?

It will be awesomeness itself to see you there

4 thoughts on “and in 5 years time…

  1. Can’t make it to the celebration but congrats on your five years and good luck for Bradford at Wembley.

    I’m hoping Aldershot can follow their example next season !

    1. Thanks Paul. looks like another year of toil :{ – but to brighten up the wait we have an election special quiz on Thursday 8th June, instead of the first Monday of the month

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