Ha Ha update

Buy tickets for Ha Ha Hassocks We’ve got no tickets left @No6, there may still be some at Marchants and there are still some on-line – same price – but we’re looking forward to a cracking evening, should you care to join us.

we are also offering “youth” tickets online at just £6 ‘cus let’s face it young peeps in general haven’t got much cash, but apparently don’t JUST like hanging around and some of them actually like funny things too – who knew?

Unfortunately Ava who was heading things up from the rear can’t be with us (she is stuck in Dominica where she went to help with the hurricane victims) but that does open the door to the quite extraordinary talents of “young” Sol, who has kindly stepped in to pass on his wit, wisdom and a little bit of chutzpah to us good folks of the village-town of Hassocks.

“Sol Bernstein is back…Yes it’s true! After 25 years of semi-retirement, playing nursing homes, Sol Bernstein is back where he belongs, in smokey nightclubs performing to drunks.

He’s the man who helped the career’s of Elvis Presley. Marcel Marceau (never even got a “thank you”) and even the Beatles were influenced. He’s worked with, and been friends with, some of the worlds GREATEST performers; Judy Garland, The Rat Pack, Lenny Bruce, Jack Benny, George Burns, Milton Berle, Doris Day, Tommy Cooper, Eric Morecambe and Eddie Large.

He’s performed all over the world at venues including The London Palladium, New York’s Carnegie Hall, The Paris Olympia, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, and Scunthorpe Baths…”

and now he’s here

Adastra HAll – Fri 10 Nov acts from 8pm – tickets online, Buy tickets for Ha Ha Hassocks a few on the door.

The doors open at 6.45pm, we have some food on offer too – Tom’s lush pies, a sweet potato chilli, chickpea and cauliflower curry, and the most excellent sausage rolls from Butcher Bob – and of course a nicely stocked bar with wine, beers, lager, cider gin and vodka, and soft drinks for the under 18’s and drivers amongst you


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