Good Friday pop quiz

Good Friday just got great as Paul’s Pop Quiz returns, more mayhem and jolly fun in a popular pop quiz setting.
If you’re not jetting off to foreign climes then come and leave your cares behind, you won’t get rich, but you might just enjoy yourself more than sitting at home moping about (just a little bit?)

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE GOOD AT POP QUIZZES to thoroughly enjoy this evening of entertainment with the ruffle shirted purple suited one

Jackpot will be about £60, – can you scoop it with three lucky guesses, or some really specific underground knowledge you thought would never ever (realistically) come in useful
Food from 7.15 quiz starts at 8pm. YOU WILL NEED TO BOOK, or at least check in, if you haven’t already as space is limited for this premium event :0)
Win money, HahA tickets for August BH, friends opprobrium, salt shakers, sticky sweets, a free can of POP!
– £4.50pp.


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