Dear Luke and Emma….

…it’s been a while so I thought I’d just put fingers to the keyboard and let you know what’s going on.

Tonight we have the monthly Quiz. Doors from 7.15pm, quiz starts at 8, but if you want to get a seat, and a food order in from our “food for a fiver menu” – couple of vegan dishes in there for you at the moment – then it’s better to arrive earlier so I can actually make it before the quiz starts. The jackpot – guess three answers correctly currently stands at over £60 so there’s an added incentive should you need one.

The monthly quiz now operates every 2nd Monday of the month – just too many bank holidays on the first Monday.

Other things that are coming up that might interest you, and you never know anyone else taking a peek at this message, include

  • the Hassocks Hic – our version of the Bacchus Run –  on Sunday 29th April where our jolly local wine merchant Giles will be providing a selection of this years most quaff-able vintages to taste and enjoy while jogging around Hassocks. You can sign up to that through the We Run facebook pages or ask Dr G at this evenings quiz.
  • Burgess Hill mini-tri – Sunday 10 June – an amazingly crazy idea that swimming, cycling and running should be undertaken early on a weekend morning followed by a cracking fry-up (veggie and vegan options available). Again Dr G is the one to talk to on this one or ask about it at the Purple Carrot – we will be both “competing” – I use the term loosely – and providing the food afterwards. That’s in 9 weeks time so it is just right to fit in with the couch to 5km programme apparently.

At some point in the not too distant future we will also (hopefully) become licensed full-time so we can start up our wonderful wine tasting evenings once again – but that won’t be until some time in May.

Not much else is going on really apart from we are further developing our Vegan offerings to sit alongside the carnivorous treats and vegetarian masterpieces both in the day and every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening when we offer a cracking food for a fiver supper between 5.45pm and 8.30pm.

that’s it for now, must dash, got a quiz to finish writing!



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