Fat Boys football – Invitational 2018

What a scorcher – and I’m not just talking about the football.

A limited number of teams this year due to factors beyond our control – the rarely spotted England in a semi-final prospect saw a few teams drop out (deposits please chaps) and our food and drink venue pull a members only rabbit out the bag.

However some highly competitive games in our “friendly” tournament saw a few old guys waving handbags in an ineffectual manner as some players were obviously affected by the sun and played things a bit too close to the edge on occasion. Suffice to say that pretty much every team who complained about rules infringements and unsporting behaviour were guilty of the same, and overall it remained the good natured competition it has always been since we bared thuggery and got rid of referees back in the day.

Congratulations go to Friday Fire who win the trophy for a second time, and apart from the prestige they also secured tickets to the HahA Hassocks Bank Holiday Comedy special, by narrowly holding off both Rottingdean Strollers and Hassocks U9’s who finished joint second.

fat boys 2018 final table


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