Carrot CruNch – tasty morsels of news to digest – get the Friday feeling

Coming up Friday 23rd – today in fact- The 6th anniversary of the Hassocks Hash

6 years ago we (well not me personally – I just agreed to provide the venue as a good starting point) anyway we  thought it might be a rather fine idea to get lots of people of differing abilities and motivations, young, middling and old to get out and have a run, jog, perambulation around the village and beyond then come back to the Carrot congratulate each other on our efforts and have a good old social. No pressures, no costs, no signing up to weird and wonderful fitness regimens, just bringing together diverse parts of our local community.

This Friday completes a six year cycle of the Hassocks Hash, and we start to wonder if it has run its course? New “free” community runs  have started to spring up with polarising effect. Our view (at the purple carrot) is that these efforts at general fitness and well-being should be about building community, not dividing it. There have been hundreds of people who have benefited from the unpaid efforts of a loose group of organisers to plan some routes winter and summer, run some proper hashes, and spend a couple of hours on the fourth Friday of every month starting your weekend off right.

Is this the last one? I don’t know. Why not come out on Friday (23rd Nov) and decide for yourselves? 7.15 pm for a 7.30 pm prompt start


Coming up the following Friday – 30 November -Light Up Hassocks finally arrives (seems like ages since the last one). We in the purple carrot @ No.6 will be sorting out some Purple Carrot classic VEGAN fare, not a new thing we’ve been providing vegan food for the last well forever really, since we opened. For the evening we will have the classic Sweet Potato chilli Nacho’s , Purple Carrot Daal, Some rather tasty “Jack” Sausage Rolls  and some award winning (well someone said it was blinking good at least) Firecracker soup to keep out the cold – AND –


AND we also have a the added welcome addition of our neighbours from Hurstpierpoint SouthDowns Cellars paying us a visit offering winter wine tasting. Staying with the theme Try out Giles’ suggested seasonal superstars, again ALL VEGAN – like it? BUY IT. Love it – get a case delivered – tasters of wine for the winter, favourites for friends and family over the festive season (5 – 8pm). Do drop in.

AND I’m really hopeful that we’ll also have a couple of local crafts people out the front selling some of their excellent wares…keep your eyes pealed for more details on this

More Fridays – on the evening of Friday 6th we entertain some Hassocks mums as they nip out for a Christmas meal at the No.6. The renowned Purple Carrot Christmas buffet will be gorged upon at a very reasonable price, leaving just enough room for ample amounts of Prosecco to be consumed.

Do you need to sort out a seasonal get together? at the moment we have Friday 14th available and a few other evenings too – drop us a line or pop in to the Purple Carrot @ No6 to check out the menu and find out more.



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