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The-Purple-Carrot is a trading name of Purple Carrot Enterprises and ran a coffee and bagel bar aiming primarily to cater to the local communities of  the village of Hassocks, West Sussex,  just by the train station
 sussex pages – The Purple Carrot review

We are now at the top of the high street on the East side of Hassocks station (6 Station Approach East) by the mini-roundabout.

The current fare is much more “cafe” than coffee bar but we are hopeful of providing a real fusion of the two to offer both high quality and locally sourced where possible with further interesting and varied platters for the more adventurous.

We cater for meat eaters, we cater for vegetarians, we offer high quality interesting vegan fare as well.

We have maintained our links with local coffee specialists Roasted and even though other companies in the village also use their excellent coffee we somehow manage to make it just that little bit better and I challenge anyone to get a better brew in the 7 or so other coffee providers in the village.  – and now we offer their decaffeinated version too -We’re always willing to take a punt on seeing if any guest bean can topple it, while the staff are honing their skills on producing the best flat white in the village, the tea is Yorkshire (what could be better). We buy in a few cakes and have introduced some excellent offerings of our rather tasty cakes and slices – salted caramel flapjack, Tunisian Orange Cake, Mr Wilson’s Banana Loaf, sweet potato brownies to name but a few – again some vegan, some gluten free and some just plain old sugar rush with carbs attached

We also do a bit of “off-site” stuff – still organising football tournaments twice a year – The Fat Boys Invitational in the summer, and the old crocks cup at the start of October, golf days are held roughly once a month and anyone is welcome to participate – and of course our excellent comedy evenings under the banner of  Ha Ha HAssocks now run 3 or 4 times a year at local venues, feature top rate stand-up comedians and a Treason Show special

for more information email chris@thepurplecarrot.org or click on the “buy tickets” icon

Buy tickets for Ha HA Hassocks


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I am very excited about you opening…prob more excited that what is deemed ‘normal’! Glad something good is happening on this side of the rail track! Well done you and good luck with it all.

  2. Looking forward to you opening! We live about 30 seconds away so will be great to have something nearby. Good luck.

  3. Chris, Looking forward to sitting on your squashy sofas relaxing with a coffee and cake! Alison

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