Carr-Art 2015

Currently exhibiting the work of Downlands Students from the Hassocks OPEN Houses competition 2105 Saturday 27 June until sunday 5 July

Exhibition curated by Magda Bullivant



If you think you have something that other people would like to see just let us know, and we’ll do our best to get it displayed

Well I freely admit to being a PHIL-e -S-TyNE when it comes to art and culture, apart from maybe a beautifully crafted passage of play on a football or rugby pitch, or a breathtaking piece of natural or built architecture.

However that don’t mean we can’t offer people the chance to change my opinions and find an artistic soul, so throughout the life of this venture we will be supporting local and international known and unknown artistic dabblings and daubing of various kinds, and if you like it enough I’m sure the artists won’t mind if you buy it and display it yourself

We also have the purple carrot prize winner on show, awarded to the piece of art that we enjoy the most at the Downlands GCSE end of year viewing. This year won by Tom Cheal

Artists currently on show at the carrot – (NB images shown are examples of work not necessarily what will be on display) –

Olga Forster            

Lisa Horrobine

I’m a local artist living in Haywards Heath and came back to my creative life in my early 40’s .  As a young girl I loved anything “Arty”…however after completing a Business studies degree, working in London for many years I realised I so missed this.

Through retraining as a life coach and inspiring others in their art I started to tap into my creativity again. By the use of acrylics, watercolours and charcoal (…incorporated with Dancing to produce my “Draped in Satin” lady) I managed to achieve this. I especially love experimenting with colour and just seeing what my paints and brushes lead me to create .

I hope you enjoy my Art and cards – LISA

James Mitchell – Cartoon “pop” art and ultra-reality landscapes – cards and pictures from a fabulous young talent

Patricia Gidney

calligraphy example


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