pop goes my Friday evening

Not much happening at the Carrot over the summer, but what there is will be pretty good. TASTINGS - Although GIN 2 (14 July, £20) is sold out again, we will look at having a 3rd event at the end of the summer if there is interest - possibly on Fri 1 September - so … Continue reading pop goes my Friday evening


such exciTment…and now the tastings begin again

Thank you to all those of you who "popped in" last week (and for all the good wishes from those who couldn't make it) to help celebrate our 5 year gig, quaff a few local bubbles and enjoy nibbles, bon viverary, wit and company. Who knows where another 5 will land us Also last week … Continue reading such exciTment…and now the tastings begin again


Don't forget tonight's trivia quiz (Monday 3 April) is an AWAY fixture at the Thatched Inn, where they are holding a quiz in aid of the Oldlands Mill project.  Start time is 8.30pm - £1.50pp - max of 6 in a team.  they are also selling flour!!!!   Also coming up this week is HDK … Continue reading April

Coming up in January well just a couple of things so far Mon Jan 2nd sees the return of the Fat Carrot Development Tournament, an amalgamation of the Fat Boys Football tournament and the desperate need for the Purple Carrot to put it's name to a trophy. A recent development in our football tournament pantheon some people … Continue reading

Upcoming @ The Carrot and beyond

Quick re-blog with ALL dates correct this time. Yes The Red Wine Final tasting is definitely on a Thursday 15th December - and it's filling up fast (Mainly) Evening Events Tuesday 22nd - Knit & Natter - 7pm Thursday 24th - Paul's Popular Pop Quiz - 7.30 for 8pm start £8.50 (£4.50 without food) Friday 25th - … Continue reading Upcoming @ The Carrot and beyond

trivia quiz, Ha Ha Comedy Night, Fat Boys Football, Hassocks Pairs Golf, Wine Tasting….

back in the saddle, on a bolting horse Monday 6th - Tonight it's Trivia time with the purple carrot quiz - 7.30pm for an 8pm start - we also have PIES :0) and a Jackpot of over £170 which needs to be won! - £2.50pp (£7 with Pie n mash) Tuesday 7th  - Knit n … Continue reading trivia quiz, Ha Ha Comedy Night, Fat Boys Football, Hassocks Pairs Golf, Wine Tasting….

It’s a 5…again

You know that feeling you get when talking to the Police, or explaining your health to your Doctor,  - nervous, guilty but without reason, over explaining things, inappropriate jokes - that sort of thing?  Well this week we had an unannounced visit from our lovely local environmental health officer to check we're doing what we … Continue reading It’s a 5…again


This year to kick us off we go a bit introspective and navel gazing. We think we have a pretty good wine list so we're testing this theory by battling it out...WITH OURSELVES Phase One - Carrot Revamp or re-invent?  - Thursday 28 January - White v White - our current crop of 5 against … Continue reading 2016

April is the cruelest month…

Well it is according to old misery Thomas Stern Elliot, but what did he know anyway? Then again I suppose he was quite a good poet and social commentator, and what he was really saying was something about Spring being a time of new beginnings which were not always easily come by. What I hear … Continue reading April is the cruelest month…

wine wars – Hassocks decides – and the winners are…

Well you can't get much closer than that after six months of serious thought, gargling, spitting and swallowing it all came down to Julias poorly tooth!! On finals night 27 tasters did their best impressions of Keith Floyd meeting Oz Clark in a late night bar to declare Australia victorious over Germany by a mere … Continue reading wine wars – Hassocks decides – and the winners are…