short sharp sizzling sunday service, and other stuff

after the (relative) success of the last two weeks we've decided to let you all come and eat and imbibe for a short time on a Sunday over most of the summer months. Whether this turns out to be a good idea time will tell, but I can't think of any food stuff better at … Continue reading short sharp sizzling sunday service, and other stuff


Good bye jaded January, Hello fabulous February

Tricky month that there January is sometimes. Here's feeling full of fondness for a fruitful February. Winter opening hours continue through February 8am-3pm Monday - Saturday but we also have the addition of mid week suppertime New for 2018 - food for a fiver.  We start the food for a fiver supper club in earnest … Continue reading Good bye jaded January, Hello fabulous February

festive times

Just a quick note to wish all our customers, competitors, fellow traders, the good denizens of Hassocks and further afield a warm and joyous festive season - truth be told I'm rubbish at sending cards - If you are hoping to spend any of that time with us enjoying a great coffee or excellent bite … Continue reading festive times

Still Closed

Sorry but the Purple Carrot will remain closed until Thursday 25 August, due to Chris's ongoing battle with a venomous all consuming illness (cold) that has struck him to his very core. It is probably better that he does not continuously sneeze into food, or loudly AttcchoooOOO!! whilst taking coffee orders. This continued absence may … Continue reading Still Closed

Purple Carrot Festive Opening

To be honest we're not really going to be open that much - give you a break so you can save your pennies for next year when we return invigorated / full of beans / new ideas and of course some old favourites. Sunday 27th - OPEN 10am -1.30pm Monday 28th - Development Football Tournament … Continue reading Purple Carrot Festive Opening

April is the cruelest month…

Well it is according to old misery Thomas Stern Elliot, but what did he know anyway? Then again I suppose he was quite a good poet and social commentator, and what he was really saying was something about Spring being a time of new beginnings which were not always easily come by. What I hear … Continue reading April is the cruelest month…

Who knew??

Apparently sneezing, coughing and violently retching, while trying to bring a fever down below 101 degrees are not the best way to run a food and drink establishment (in Britain at least) So, my apologies but the Purple Carrot will be closed for the rest of the day due to staff (i.e. me) sickness. Everything should … Continue reading Who knew??

Open? Closed? The times they are a-changing

Come gather round people wherever y....  enough already This week see's the last of our winter hours and a right old mix up they are too. Friday 28th open 8-12 noon, then open again in the evening for the Hassocks Hash (7.30pm) and the Peter James (dis)appreciation book club. A couple of excellent chilli's will … Continue reading Open? Closed? The times they are a-changing