Dear Luke and Emma….'s been a while so I thought I'd just put fingers to the keyboard and let you know what's going on. Tonight we have the monthly Quiz. Doors from 7.15pm, quiz starts at 8, but if you want to get a seat, and a food order in from our "food for a fiver menu" - … Continue reading Dear Luke and Emma….


We is One

It's our birthday, we are one,oh no Eurovisions on! If I can put up with it so can you - perhaps it will be different when we are two? Do come along and help us celebrate (surviving) our first year in business, even if Eurovision makes you crawl up the walls I'm sure popular Paulie … Continue reading We is One

I feel like a duck….

You know, all serene and untroubled on the surface, but underneath the legs are paddling like fury... The last few weeks have seen some serious amounts of brain power used by the bits of brain I don't normally use - the thinking bits - add to that dealing with three different bits of the council … Continue reading I feel like a duck….

Here we go then….

Got the keys and it's time to have a look at what we need to do Planning applications Licencing Schedules Where to put a kitchen extractor fans Chimney flues Rising damp Fire reg's Environmental Health & Safety Building works, extraction systems, furniture, espresso machine staff, training maybe even think about drinks and food as well … Continue reading Here we go then….