Conscience & Ethics

Charities and organisations we like and support

While  The Purple Carrot for me is all about community, ethical sourcing, local produce growing and sourcing – not to mention an excellent end product and a memorable experience for all – there are also a couple of things I care about slightly further afield and these will be talked up, supported and donated to on a regular basis


WaterAid – it’s just basic isn’t – The tips given by customers are shared equally between staff and Water Aid at the end of the year where hopefully we can contribute to something meaningful in providing safe and clean water and sanitation to areas of the world that still don’t have it


Amnesty International – I hate people imposing their view of the world on others, subjugating simply because they can, so I support AI who try to help put these bad boys (and girls) to bed


St Catherine’s Hospice – a charity based in Crawley offering dedicated specialised end of life care and support to local people, their families, friends and carers. The care is free but only through generous supporters and volunteers


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