food & drink

Well the menu changes a bit on a daily basis but we try to provide predominantly locally and ethically sourced food and drink as a staple every day.

Every day we have at least two hot main meals, sometimes a soup and a range of brunch style options too. Something will be vegetarian and we also try and make sure there vegan and gluten free options too

carrot menu landscape v5

Day time menu consists of

on the sweet side – a range of cakes, muffins, flapjack, shortbread, made locally and on the premises including a good range of gluten free delicacies,

for the savoury tooth – regular staples of bagels; wraps; humus,flat bread and olives; seasonal salads and pasta dishes are complimented by daily specials such as homemade soups, quiche and in the colder months one pot dishes to warm the cockles.

Specialty local cheese platters – the nibbler, the taster and the experience – are a regular feature at our supper sessions, as is the rather tasty purple carrot chana taka daal and sizzling hot shakshuka

In the evening we are regularly open from 6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (last hot food orders 8.30pm) and on Mondays and Fridays between 7pm – 10pm we are mainly open for events such as wine tasting, book-clubs, parties and bookings, quizzes and specialist food evenings. If you want to bring your own alcohol to enhance an already convivial atmosphere we’ll charge you a corkage fee (£2pp) and sort out chilling and glasses for you, to complement the extraordinarily good coffee, quality teas, smooth smoothies and super shakes



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