Hot Drinks

Hot Drinks

Coffee Menu
Espresso (short black) – single shot of espresso coffee in an espresso (4oz) cup


Doppio (double espresso) – Double shot of espresso coffee


Macchiato – shot of espresso in a short glass or espresso cup with a dollop of steamed milk and foam placed on top of the espresso


Americano (Long black) – hot water with an espresso shot extracted on top of the hot water. Can be served with hot or cold milk on the side


Latte – espresso based drink with steamed milk and micro-foam added to the coffee, served in 8oz cup or glass. This coffee is much sweeter compared to an espresso due to the steamed milk


Cappuccino – similar to a latte but with added top! Shot of espresso, steamed milk, 2-3cm of micro-foam on top, Sprinkle chocolate / cinnamon on top


Flat White – served in 6-8oz cup, there are many, many different versions of this drink. Here you will get a balance of roughly 3:2 milk:coffee. Two shots espresso, steamed milk added to the coffee, small amount of micro-foam


Mocha – a mix between a cappuccino and a hot chocolate. mixing chocolate powder with an espresso shot and then adding steamed milk and micro-foam into the beverage.Sprinkle chocolate powder on top


P.C. Specials
Piccolo or Cortado – a café latte made in an 4-6oz cup. This means it has a very strong but mellowed down espresso taste. One espresso shot or 1 ristretto shot, steamed milk, small amount micro-foam


Guillermo – Espresso poured over a couple slices of lime is a Guillermo. It is sometimes served over ice and with a bit of milk to sweeten the overall taste. The double acidity of the lime and the coffee works pretty well, but possibly more of an acquired taste


Affogato – An affogato is a simple dessert coffee that is treat during summer and after dinner. It is made by placing one big scoop of vanilla ice cream within a double shot of espresso:


Iced Latte – one or two shots of espresso, blended with ice and steamed milk, small dash of vanilla to bring out the flavours


Hot chocolate – 8-10oz mug of fine Italian style hot chocolate. Scoop chocolate powder, steamed milk added, Chocolate sprinkles on top


spiced Chai latte – Creamier than Chai tea, incorporates warming spices of tumeric, cinnamon, ginger cardamom and clove, blended with steamed milk


Larger version of these coffees and drinks are available

add 30p

Decaf coffee

add 20p

latte, capuccino, hot chocolate made with Oat / coconut / soya

add 10p / 20p

Syrup shots (Caramel; Vanilla; Gingerbread; Hazelnut; Coconut; Blueberry etc)

add 30p


Everyday Brew – Finest Yorkshire hard water Tea – £1.30

Black teas (earl grey / darjiling / assam / ceylon / lapsang suchong ) – £1.50

Decaf / Roibush – £1.50

Herbal Infusions / Green teas – £1.70


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