cheese platters – cheeses supplied (almost exclusively) by High Weald Dairy

the experience
the experience

The Nibbler – 2 cheeses to snack on with biscuits and homemade chutney    £  7.00

The Taster  – a mix of 3/4 cheeses to set the palette dancing with biscuits, olives and chutney     £  11.50

The Experience – 6/7 cheeses to share and take your time over including soft strong and very long, cow, goat and sheep cheese to give you a very happy ending – including biscuits, chutneys, olives and more     £ 18.50

Regular Offerings

olives, humus, flat-bread – £5.00

purpleCarrot Taka Chana Daaaaal – £5.95                                                                                                           mildy spiced blend of red and green lentils with split peas and tomato, chappati and chutneys

Shakshuka – £5.00 / £6.50                                                                                                                                            North African / Middle Eastern spicy dish (tomato, peppers, onions, carrots) poached egg and bread to mop it all up

Linguine Luncheon – steaming bowl of pasta with cooks’ sauce of the day – £5.00

Frittata – single person lunch special – £6.00 with salad                                                                            Classico – Spinach & tomato                                                                                                                             Purple Carrot  – Baby broad bean, tomato, purple carrot                                                                         Breakfast – Ham, mushroom, tomato/red pepper/spinach
PC Special – whatever we can get our hands on, mixed with herbs and spices for a taste sensation

made to order – Whole Frittata,to share (3-4 people) with salad – £16.00                                                      (most frittata’s are made with sweet potato or cauliflower instead of potato offering a “low-carb” alternative, but still damned tasty)

Wraps   – £3.70 (£4.00 double filling)                                                                                                                             Chicken, Ham, Cheese, Hummus, Salad & Veg                                                                                                               swirls of creme fraiche and red pesto, herbs and specially selected leaves and veg compliment your main filling choice

Bagels – from £1.50

Tasca Melts – from £3.20

Daily & weekly specials

Main meal £6.50 – snack £4.00

Home-made Soup £4.50 – large £4.90,

with melba toast / croutons / crusty roll and butter / gluten free bread often available

snack/take-away soup £3.50





Salad (in season)



chicken / ham  / tuna salad



veggie salad



cheese salad / ploughman’s



Child / snack portions available on request

Omelette (free range eggs) – 2 egg £3.00; 3 egg £3.30

add 40p per filling of – mushroom, cheese, ham, tomato, marmite, peppers, spring/onion,

add 60p per filling – chorizo, bacon, chicken

Cake – a range of locally baked fare mainly from the carrot kitchen, Sticky Fingers, Dolcemente, Little Cakes, Dreamy cakes,  and many more, usually including a gluten free option or two, prices from £0.50 – £3.70 – or have it warm with vanilla ice cream (add £1.00)


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