THE TREASON SHOW – review of the year – 9 December 2016 @Adastra Hall

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Did everything really go wrong in 2016? Get a little help reviewing the last 12 glorious months from the Treason Shows no holds barred approach to telling it how it is. If you missed little Britain tugging itself away from combustible Europe, while the great and the good filed their exit papers and fled to the afterworld, including the last great leader of the free world (well Cuba) leaving his socialist legacy to be taken on by the next US president, then this is the show for you.

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Ha Ha Hassocks presents the Treason Show review of the year @ Adastra Hall. All the best bits of a crazy year, made slightly more crazy by Mr Brailsford and his troupe of willing satirists

Doors open at 6.45pm for those of you who just don’t want to go home, and the evening kicks off with some excellent jazz and blues from Lou B and ace jazz guitarist Nils Solberg; food starts from 7.30, feast on three courses of hand crafted food, but if you’re not eating you can always enjoy a bar packed with localness,  and snooze gently through the high class horesplay from Mark and the Treason gang as they look back on a year of awe and wonderment, and most probably a lot of breathtaking stupidity from the grate(ing) and the goode

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“Brilliantly written, exquisitely performed” ~ Chortle
The Treason Show’s smiling assassins come over the hills to the FAR FAR AWAY land of Mid Sussex, with their satirical sideswipes at the world of politics, sport and celebrity, taking what’s in the news and spinning it into comedy gold. Have I Got News For You crossed with Spitting Image via Not The Nine O’Clock News.

“Multi-talented performers-fast, witty, topical and surreal with a few million laughs” THE LATEST.

“The savagery of HIGNFY mixed saucy acting and gleeful music, these floorboard terrorists could give The Thick of It a run for their money.” SOURCE.

“An arsenal of acute writing and a great versatile cast bring the crowd to rapture. The sketches come as thick and fast as the laughs” THE ARGUS

This latest incarnation of topical Wit and searing satire comes to you from the Hassocks boarders   and we offer you, our lucky punter:-

* A Fully licensed separate bar
* 3 courses of yummy food, – without the needless glitz. We dump the doilies for prosecco!
* Tickets available at local outlets and online – £14.75
£29.75 with food – 3 courses (pate platters with prosecco, Venison Pie or veggie alternative / Dreamy sweet treats)
NB: food orders will not be taken on the night, unless we have a bit left-over

While it is true these events are fronted and brought together by The purple Carrot, it is not a singular effort but in cooperation with  CUV CUV, Dreamy Cakes ,Solo Productions, with the help of Adastra Hall Inc, Keymer & Hassocks Sports and Social Club, Marchants, Southdowns Wine Cellars, Bedlam Brewery & Darkstar

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