PC Symposium – Books

stack-1-mp-smallerMonthly chatter about books (and films and stuff) that matters. Or it doesn’t have to really, but it is a good chance to spend a couple of hours mulling over the pro’s and con’s of your most recent read, fabulous film or garner the information from others on the merits of whether to bother with reading the book before seeing the film – or visa versa

Basically a very grand sounding way of suggesting a chat a nibble and a quoff. Turn up and join in when you can.
Take two (this month three!) books, choose one or both or not, discuss and critique then recommend the next

Book symposium nights coming up, starting about 7.30pm – symposium on good-reads

Monday 16 February –     This months books to check out:
If on a winters night a traveller – Italo Calvino
Any Human Heart – William Boyd.

Monday 20 April – Books to gawp at
Feel free to turn up and chat, discuss whether you should read the books
The Art of War ,
Strangers on a train,
I conquer the castle
or go leftfield into films with no connection whatsoever, eat or bring cake to munch, swill it down with a glass of wine / cup of tea / bottle of Ale – job’s a good ‘un – £5



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